The Perfect Tool for Any Meeting - Any Size, Any Location, Any Industry

The One-on-One Meeting Scheduler ™ is a unique tool, which allows organizers of any meeting or networking event anywhere in the world the perfect opportunity to provide their attendees with a simple yet sophisticated way of scheduling meetings with clients they really want to meet - in advance, with security and with ease.

Intuitive Logistics Resources (ILR) has, over many years, designed, created, developed and refined the most advanced business meeting scheduling system in the world. It is a must-have tool for any conference, exhibition or networking event.

Proven Performance

The One-on-One Meeting Scheduler ™ has been refined and improved over the last decade and now offers unparalleled performance, sophistication and ease-of-use. At a recent event over 1,000,000 individual meetings were requested, scheduled and conducted using the system without a single fault or problem.

It's so impressive that the One-on-One Meeting Scheduler ™ has become an industry standard for conferences and events all over the world.

Eliminate No Shows! There is nothing more annoying for your delegates than to turn up for a meeting and then find that the other person is not available or has the time or location wrong. The One-on-One Meeting Scheduler eliminates all these problems.

Save valuable resources, money and time and provide your delegates with the most advanced professional system yet developed by acquiring the unique One-on-One scheduler.